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"HairSolutions Trolley"


A device used to secure the installation methods of ALL HAIR EXTENSION types on ONE device. 

  • Hair Hooks

  • Micro Teeth

  • Weft Slots

  • Water Heater

  • Supply Stand

  • Supply Bowl 

All features can be used for installing bundled hair, micro links, tape-ins, clip-ins, and braiding hair.
To help seal your braids, we’ve installed a built-in water heater!



Is to support the Beautification Industry by providing trusted products and tools to assist you with your expertise. We will not purely cover beauty solutions on the outside but the inside as well.



is to maximize work efficiency and quality by dispensing innovative tools that eliminate workspace clutter, alleviate strain, and reduce time, all while limiting product waste consumed per client. To help others in the ways listed above, we are Introducing our first tool, "The HairSolutions Trolley."  

I am Khadijah Davis,


a creative and innovative woman who constantly uses persistence to bring my goals to life. Growing up in a hair salon, I've always admired how therapeutic and beautiful everyone looked and felt after their appointments. I've observed how Beauticians poured much of their time and diligence into each client. After realizing that the tools they've used daily needed enhancements, I've created an entire line dedicated to assisting the cosmetology field.


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