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Davis Beauty Solutions

Introduces The HairSolutions Trolley:

Your All-In-One Hair Extension Station

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The HairSolutions Trolley is tailor-made to securely install all types of hair extensions using a single, versatile device that includes six functions and a 360-degree rotation.

✔ Hair Hooks
✔ Micro Teeth
✔ Weft Slots​​
✔ Water Heater
✔ Supply Stand
✔ Supply Bowl ​

Whether you're installing bundled hair, micro links, tape-ins, clip-ins, or braiding hair, our trolley has got you covered!

Boosts productivity, saves time, and improves output quality.

Features a cutting-edge design that declutters workspaces.

Alleviates physical strain allowing for longer, more comfortable styling sessions.

Reduces product waste per client and is environmentally friendly.


At our core, Davis Beauty Solutions strives to uplift the beauty industry by offering reliable products and tools that complement your expertise. Our vision extends beyond providing mere external beauty solutions - we're committed to enhancing inner beauty as well. With this holistic approach, we aim to empower professionals and clients alike, fostering a culture of confidence, self-love, and empowerment.

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Our main goal is to support the Beautification Industry by providing you with reliable products and tools that can boost your skills and expertise. We're not just focused on surface-level beauty solutions; we also care about your overall well-being. We believe that true beauty comes from the inside and works its way out. Count on us to help you shine.

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